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PatchWormTM plain and super-intensive felt buttons, 100% cotton cleaning patches

Plain felt cleaning buttons are very effective for removing tough fouling. Hard felt conforms to the barrel lands and grooves for maximum contact. Just slide button on and pull it through. Can be used singly, stacked or even in tandem with patches - just slide patch on first, felt button second, then pull through. Generally, plain felt buttons and patches are sufficient for routine cleaning of most .22 rimfires. Works great with Wipe-Out and Patch-Out for jacketed bullet fouling.

.22 cal and larger felt buttons are for use with the standard green PFK rods, NOT the blue .17 cal rods.
.177 cal / 4.5 mm felt is for use with the blue .17 cal rod only. Requires a twist to thread felt onto rod.

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Super-intensive felt cleaning buttons (with interwoven brass fibers) work similar to bristle brushes, and are very effective for heavy lead and jacketed bullet fouling when used with conventional solvents.

All felt buttons are for use with the standard green PFK rods, NOT the blue .17 cal rods.

Super-intensive felt is not for use with Wipe-Out or Patch-Out, since these brushless solvents will dissolve the brass fibers in the felt.

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Regular cleaning patches are the finest quality at a bargain price. They are made from 100% cotton flannel with both sides finished (napped). We now offer them in 4 sizes that perform optimally with the PatchWorm.

7/8" rounds are economical and work for calibers up to .30 cal.

1-1/4" rounds work great with .30 cal up to the largest calibers. They can also provide a slightly tighter fit than a 7/8" regular cotton patch for the smaller calibers, if desired. A very versatile patch size.

1-3/4" and 2-1/2" rounds can be used to further fine-tune the desired fit for all calibers. They are also large enough to use for general cleaning and wipe-down of external surfaces.

Patch recommendations above are for firearms; airguns may benefit from slightly larger patch size to provide the best fit.

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Heavy duty cleaning patches are made from a natural cotton blend, and are about 50% thicker than our regular cotton patches. They provide a great option for those "in-between" calibers, for example .25 cal - where one regular patch is too loose, and two patches stacked is too tight. These patches are included with the .25 cal Small Caliber kit. One side of the patch is coarse - ideal for tougher fouling, while the other side is napped similar to our regular patches.

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