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Regular cotton cleaning patches


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Regular Cotton Cleaning Patches

Regular cleaning patches are the finest quality at a bargain price. They are made from 100% cotton flannel with both sides finished (napped). We offer them in 4 sizes that perform optimally with the PatchWorm cleaning system.



Bore Cleaning Aids – Regular Cotton Cleaning Patches

7/8″ rounds are economical and work for calibers up to .30 cal.

1-1/4″ rounds work great with .30 cal up to the largest calibers. They can also provide a slightly tighter fit than a 7/8″ regular cotton patch for the smaller calibers, if desired. A very versatile patch size.

1-3/4″ and 2-1/2″ rounds can be used to further fine-tune the desired fit for all calibers. They are also large enough to use for general cleaning and wipe-down of external surfaces.

Patch recommendations above are for firearms; airguns may require slightly larger patch size to provide the best fit.

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7/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/4", 2-1/2"


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