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Patch-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner


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Patch-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner

Patch-Out brushless bore cleaner is a revolutionary product that eliminates all the problems associated with conventional firearms bore cleaning. Patch-Out is the liquid version of Wipe-Out. Patch-Out will not evaporate quickly like some other solvents, therefore patches can be pre-soaked and carried conveniently in our flip-lid containers for extended periods of time. Very convenient!

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Bore Cleaning CLP, Solvents – Patch-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner

Patch-Out Liquid (8 oz) completely dissolves copper, brass, bronze (not for use with bronze brushes or super-intensive felt), carbon and powder fouling. It does not dissolve lead, but degrades it so that it can be pushed out with a patch. Safe with all steels – cannot cause rust. Much friendlier to gun and shooter than acidic or ammonia type solvents. Just be careful with varnish, shellac or old oil type finishes and certain aluminum. Note: Patch-Out must be shipped by Ground transport. Sorry, no Patch-Out shipments to AK, HI, offshore Territories or Canada – it’s just not cost-effective.

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