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JB Bore Cleaning Compound


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JB Bore Cleaning Compound

J-B Bore Cleaning Compound for firearms is non-embedding and cuts through the toughest bullet jacket and powder fouling. It has a can’t-run paste formulation with cushioned abrasive action that leaves bores sparkling.

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Bore Cleaning Solvents, Paste – JB Bore Cleaning Compound

JB Bore Cleaning Compound (2 oz) is the original, time-proven formula developed by Jim Brobst and produced under exclusive license by Brownells. J-B has been getting burned-on, caked-in powder residue and copper jacket fouling out of gun barrels since the 1960’s, and hasn’t damaged an inch of rifling yet. Today, J-B once again proves itself a champion by the way it easily cleans the dirtiest, moly-fouled barrels.

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