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PatchWormTM Tactical Field Kit

The SAFE bore cleaner - for all calibers

The PatchWorm Tactical Field Kit is our most comprehensive cleaning kit - and it still fits handily in a pocket. J-B Bore Cleaning Compound and super-intensive felt buttons are now included to tackle the toughest fouling. Ballistol Wipes provide easy clean-up and protection for all other surfaces. Offered in the following calibers:

.22 / .223 cal or 5.56mm
.30 cal or 7.62mm
.38 / 357 cal or 9mm
.40 cal
.45 cal


- PatchWorm cleaning rod (standard rifle or pistol)
- caliber-specific cleaning head
- dozens of dry and wet cotton patches (with Ballistol Sportsman's Oil)
- super intensive felt buttons - 5 pieces
- J-B Bore Cleaning Compound
- packet of Ballistol Wipes
- rugged plastic hinged-lid storage container

PatchWorm Tactical Field Kit (specify) starting at $18.50

caliber / length