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PatchWormTM cleaning compounds, lubricants, protectants and solvents

PROLIX is a total gun care product in the CLP category. It is an extraordinary synthetic, lab-based formula that floats away residue, improves accuracy, prevents jamming, won't build up, is non-hazardous, non-petroleum, biodegradable and the list goes on! Abrasive scrubbing (as with our super-intensive felts) is only needed for heavy, stubborn fouling. Safe for all finishes, including wood - but test on any plastics first. Some competitive shooters use Prolix with patches, felt and JB Bore paste. For an in- depth description of break-in and maintenance using PROLIX and the PatchWorm, click here. Note: No 8 oz or 16 oz PROLIX shipments to AK, HI, offshore Territories or Canada - it's just not cost-effective.

PROLIX (1 oz liquid) $5.95

PROLIX (4 oz liquid w/spray top) $14.95

PROLIX (8 oz liquid) $19.95

PROLIX (16 oz liquid) $29.95

Ballistol Sportsman's Oil
is a cleaner, lubricant and rust preventative. It is as close to the perfect, universal firearms fluid as can be. Ballistol is biodegradable, dissolves traces of copper and lead, lubricates, penetrates, emulsifies with water for superior rust prevention and will never gum-up or harden. It's also friendly to wood and leather. Truly useful stuff. Note: Ballistol must be shipped UPS Ground. Sorry, no Ballistol shipments to AK, HI, offshore Territories or Canada - it's just not cost- effective.

Ballistol (16 oz liquid) $21.00

Ballistol (6 oz aerosol spray) $12.00

brushless bore cleaner is a revolutionary product that eliminates all the problems associated with conventional bore cleaning. Just fire a short burst into the muzzle or chamber and its rapidly expanding foam will fill the barrel. After sitting for 60 minutes, a couple of passes with a properly fitted cotton patch is all that's needed to remove all fouling. Very heavily fouled barrels may require overnight treatment.

Wipe-Out completely dissolves copper, brass, bronze (not for use with brushes or super- intensive felt), carbon and powder fouling. It does not dissolve lead, but degrades it so that it can be pushed out with a patch. Safe with all steels - cannot cause rust. Much friendlier to gun and shooter than acidic or ammonia type solvents. Just be careful with varnish, shellac or old oil type finishes and certain aluminums. Note: Wipe-Out must be shipped UPS Ground. Sorry, no Wipe-Out shipments to AK, HI, offshore Territories or Canada - it's just not cost-effective.

Wipe-Out (5 oz spray) $14.95

is the liquid version of Wipe-Out, and it performs all the same great functions. Patch-Out will not evaporate quickly like some other solvents, therefore patches can be pre-soaked and carried conveniently in our flip-lid containers for extended periods of time. Very convenient indeed!

Patch-Out can be used in 3 ways: #1 as a conventional bore cleaner, #2 as a pre-clean wet patch, #3 as a quick-clean wet patch between rounds to make comprehensive cleaning later much easier. Note: Patch-Out must be shipped UPS Ground. Sorry, no Patch-Out shipments to AK, HI, offshore Territories or Canada - it's just not cost-effective.

Patch-Out (8 oz liquid) $14.95

J-B Bore Cleaning Compound
cuts through the toughest bullet jacket and powder fouling, has a can't-run paste formulation with cushioned abrasive action that leaves bores sparkling - and won't "eat" stock finishes.

This original, time-proven formula was developed by Jim Brobst and is produced under exclusive license by Brownells. J-B has been getting burned-on, caked-in powder residue and copper jacket fouling out of gun barrels since the 1960ís, and hasnít damaged an inch of rifling yet. Today, J-B once again proves itself a champion by the way it easily cleans the dirtiest, moly-fouled barrels.

J-B Bore Cleaning Compound (2 oz paste) $13.95