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Manufacturer of innovative shooting sports products

20/20 Concepts is committed to providing the highest quality shooting products at reasonable prices. We take pride in every item we ship.

Most orders ship for only $4 or $5. Very large orders, or those with solvents, often must ship by UPS Ground for $18.

The PatchWorm is the safest, most complete cleaning system available for handguns and rifles. Made entirely of nylon, it cannot harm the bore or muzzle crown. The PatchWorm will pull a tight cotton patch through any barrel, and now comes with a "tail" for easy extraction should the rod get stuck for any reason. Ordinary .22 cal patches will work for all calibers. Optional felt cleaning buttons are available for heavy fouling.

The PatchWorm cleaning system is available in Pocket Field Kit (all calibers), .177 cal, and various other caliber-specific Small Caliber Kits and Tactical Field Kit configurations. They all fit neatly in a shirt or coat pocket.

Our glow-in-the-dark Sight Paint Kit contains an easy-to-apply phosphorescent paint which greatly enhances sights on rifles, shotguns or pistols - especially in low light conditions. The glow pigment is activated by a brief exposure to light. Paint will glow for over 30 minutes and can be "recharged" indefinitely. Meets military specs and is highly water, weather and oil-resistant. Kit includes primer and can be applied to 30 or more gun sights. Click here for more info.

Alternative ordering information

For customers who do not wish to use the secure Paypl ordering system, send a check or money order to the address below. Calculate the shipping cost by assembling your order as if you were ordering online, then choose a Shipping Region and click "Refresh Total" on the shopping cart page. The total "Packaging and Shipping" cost will then be shown - be sure to include this with your mail order.

20/20 Concepts
1828 Littlestown Pike
Westminster, MD 21158

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PatchWormTM PFK

Sight Paint Kit