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PatchWormTM replacement rods, cleaning heads, cases and other accessories

Extra cleaning heads
are available in the following colors/calibers:

.22 cal (white) "finishing" head - for .22 cal, start with .20 cal green (wet patch, then dry), then finish with white (dry or lightly-oiled patch)
.243 - .284 cal (black)
.308 - .348 cal (red)
.355 - .40 cal (purple)
.41 - .45 cal
.50 - .54 cal
12 gauge (yellow)

Cleaning heads are not for use with .17 cal blue rod - only the standard PFK green rod.

Cleaning head (specify) $1.00


Replacement PatchWorm rods.
Please specify type and size - PFK (green, rifle or pistol) or .17 cal (blue, rifle or pistol).

PatchWorm rod-only (specify) $7.00
Replacement rod type

Flip-lid containers
for patches or buttons, like those that come with the Pocket Field Kit, are available in small (1" diameter) or large (1.5" diameter) sizes. Please specify size.

Flip-lid container (specify) $1.00
Size (diameter)

Barrel-Lite makes bore inspection easy. Light tube sucks in all available light and funnels it into the chamber. Insert smaller end into or against chamber for all rifle calibers; reverse for shotguns. No batteries or bulb to replace. Also comes with handy pocket clip. An excellent little device.

Barrel-Lite $5.95