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PatchWormTM replacement rods, cleaning heads, cases and other accessories

Extra cleaning heads
are available in the following colors/calibers:

.22 cal (white) "finishing" head - for .22 cal, start with .20 cal green (wet patch, then dry), then finish with white (dry or lightly-oiled patch)
.243 - .284 cal (black)
.308 - .348 cal (red)
.355 - .40 cal (purple)
.41 - .45 cal
.50 - .54 cal
12 gauge (yellow)

Cleaning heads are not for use with .17 cal blue rod - only the standard PFK-style green rod.

Cleaning head (specify) $1.00


Replacement PatchWorm rods.
Please specify type and size - PFK (green, rifle or pistol) or .17 cal (blue, rifle or pistol).

PatchWorm rod-only (specify) $7.50
Replacement rod type

Flip-lid containers
for patches or buttons, like those that come with the Pocket Field Kit, are available in small (1" diameter) or large (1.5" diameter) sizes. Please specify size.

Flip-lid container (specify) $1.00
Size (diameter)

The original Barrel-Lite makes bore inspection easy. Light tube sucks in all available light and funnels it into the chamber. Insert short end into or against chamber for all rifles, pistols and shotguns. No batteries or bulb to replace. Also comes with handy pocket clip. An excellent little device.

Barrel-Lite $6.50

Pro-Shot UV Bore Lights (2-pack) work similar to the Barrel-Lite, with a slightly different configuration. They can also function as a chamber flag. No batteries or bulb to replace.

UV Bore Lights (2-pack) $9.00